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I'm not much for words but have always been open to what is considered alternative medicine. Have been going to chiropractors for years and have had great success. When it was suggested to try acupuncture I was open but skeptical. But with it being around for ever I thought I'd give it a try. I will tell you with a career in construction I had plenty of issues. With that in mind Scott concentrated on the most critical ones. I have had tremendous success. Especially with my wrist . With that in mind acupucture use will be part of my ongoing health care. Both Scott and Michelle are great folks also!

Bill I.


This is my first experience with acupuncture and I am thankful that it has helped with the severe pain of my plantar fasciitis. I have been to 2 podiatrists, received shots in my foot as well as a radio frequency wave treatment. None of which have been effective. I have 4 acupuncture treatments left and my chronic pain will be totally gone!
Thank you Dr Beat!

Deb B.


I'm dealing with a recent medical issue. I have had appointments with specialists and with Scott. It seems that the treatments with Scott have been more effective than anything else in relieving the pain that is a part of this malady.



The best thing I ever could have done was to set a consultation with Dr. Scott Beat.

We discussed my many many medical conditions and decided on a treatment plan.

After my first treatment I noticed a difference.

My BP went to 116/74 from a high of 158/92. Further treatments have improved my diabetes and my arthritic knee pain has gone away!

Things that other doctors, physical therapy, drugs and shots have been unable to do.

Acupuncture has worked for me and I tell everyone to try it!
Its a free consultation and you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Thank you Dr. Beat!
Steve M.



I want people to know how wonderful an experience going to Dr Beat is. I have many problems but the worse is my feet. I have bad arthritis, bone spurs on my heels and plantar fasciitis in both feet. I have been through doctor after doctor and tons of therapy with very little results. The pain continued and there was talk that the only way I would get relief was by going for a painful operation, and this would only help the bone spurs not the other problems.

I was at the point where I didn't want to get out of bed anymore and have to step on my feet. I knew it was going to be painful and the pain was robbing me of my energy and life. My husband suggested I try Acupuncture. I fiqured why not. I tried everything else. But I have to admit I was skeptical.

I amazed that after only 4 visits my bone spur and plantar fasciitis are almost unnoticeable. My arthritis has eased up and I'm able to put my feet flat on the floor again for better balance. Now he's starting to help with other problems. YAHHHH!! Sure wish I went sooner. Don't be dumb like me, try it ...... you'll like it!

Thank you Dr Beat and Michele



Dear Dr. Beat:

Since I'm nearing the end of my treatment course, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the warm and wonderful care I've received in your office.

When I first walked into your office, I've been under a dark health umbrella and desperate for help. My immune system had kicked in a fifth auto-immune disease (RA, Raynaud's syndrome, shrimp allergy, thyroid goiter and Lichen Planus) and my energy level was depleted. After just ten Humana Gold covered treatments, I began to find resurrection. I knew my body was healing when I did not ache as much and felt my spirit revive. I had been downward spiraling for several years both emotionally and physically, and was encouraged (due to research) that my immune system would stabilize. However, I was NOT prepared for the healing aspects of my various "physical and emotional lifetime plundered wounds" which I had collected throughout my 77 years. I will not forget the first treatment in that at my left ankle pin site, I "enjoyed a miracle" in that the healing circulated from one physically weak area to another (from injured ankles, to the site of diverticulitis to a life-long weak ovary) in acupuncture's unexpected searching out my weak areas. In addition, my feeling of well-being returned after several sessions.

I do not understand the mechanics of acupuncture, but surely am glad that YOU do and have offered us the opportunity to teach our body to heal itself with a occasional "tweaking". I have a strong spiritual relationship with God and believe we are both spiritual and physical creatures and cannot stand alone but need to be aware of both dispositions. On two of my sessions (most noticeable yesterday) I found my hands rise in unexpected levitation. That blew me away as it cemented the spiritual and mind body connection we too often isolate from each other!

Thank you so much for your sensitive treatament. I hope we have a long "relationship" where I can continue to improve and re-tune my body (after three-quarters of a century) closer to the perfect one that God once gave me!


Very truly yours,


Melvina R.



My asthma was not being controlled by conventional drug interventions. After a series of treatments, Dr Beat got my asthma under control.



Dear Dr. Beat:

Now that my treatment is finished, I wanted to let you know how excellent it was. I have had carpel syndrome for approximately 20 years. This condition, while not life threatening, is quite painful and causes your hands to go numb making it difficult to perform many tasks. I tried exercise, chiropractic and wore a brace for years. In the year before I came to you I saw a hand surgeon who injected my three time with steroids intended to ease the pain. They did, but each injection only lasted a few months. Then the numbness and pain would return. I was in the process of preparing to have the surgeon operate on my right hand, when I decided that surgery wasn't for me. Quite desperate to find a solution to the problem it occurred to me that acupuncture might work. I happened to see your ad in the newspaper and gave your office a call.

Michelle your office manager answered the phone. I asked if your treated carpel tunnel and shed said you did. She was very cordial, helpful and informative.

In my first appointment with you you very honestly explained that acupuncture works well for some conditions, not well at all for others, and somewhere in the middle for carpel tunnel syndrome. As I had had it for so long the prognosis was a bit iffy. Seeing no other alternative, I agreed to go forward with the treatments. I AM HAPPY TO SAY THEY WORKED! I am now substanstially better, out of pain and able to do many of the activities I was forced to abandon due to discomfort. I should also add that during the treatments for my hand, I let you know I had trouble with my stomach. You treated me for that as well and that too is much better. The treatments are not at all painful and are noninvasive. I highly recommend your treatments for anyone who is seeking relief.

Thank You for healing me.

Jane G.

Dear Scott Beat:

I can't say that you are a miracle worker for sure, but you come pretty close. For about the past 10 years I have been under the care of a Board Certified Urologist because of a frequent urination problem. Most night I am up three to seven time per night. Most recently at least 4-6 times. When I mentioned this to you, you said that you felt that you could help me. Well you did. For the first time in the past 10 years, I got to sleep six hours straight before having to get up.
I can't recommend you highly enough.

My wife has also been under the care of an ENT Physician. He gave her some nasal spray that help, but it is a medication and she doesn't like meds. You treated  her for these allergies and she sleeps throughout the night... without drugs.

We both think you are amazing.

Thank You,
Allan and Jill Z.


After knee replacement in October of 2017, I suffered from severe sciatica pain. I had to proceed with in-house and then out patient physical therapy. My results were thwarted by the pain. It was supposed to be helpful. I then had two cortizone shots in the hips. They did not help. I returned to the care of Scott Beat in late January for treatment and within 12 visits the pain has subsided almost to nothing. I've returned to him for help with hip pain as I now face a replacement with that joint. His kindness and care are remarkable and I continue to have faith in his "alternative" method of treatment.

Mary Ann B.

Dr Beat,

The purpose of this note is to thank you for the relief from diabetic neuropathy pain in my hands. The acupuncture treatments began from a gift certificate for a few visits from my wife. She had experienced relief from migraine headaches because of acupuncture treatments several years before.
I am sure you recall that I experienced some skepticism with acupuncture being able to help me as I had been suffering with the pins-and-needles and numbness for quite some time.
I was put at ease during our consultation when you walked me through the treatment process and shared your experiences of achieving positive outcomes from many years of performing acupuncture. The improvement in my hands was much faster than I had dreamed could happen.
The effectiveness of the treatments enabled me to benefit by using remaining sessions for which I had prepaid to have you treat my gallbladder symptons.
I must compliment you on your professionalism, use of humor, and your bedside manner to keep the therapy sessions interesting and relaxing. I also found your staff to be very personable and respectful of my time.

Brent A.


I've been going to Scott Beat acupuncture with sciatica and dizziness. I must say that, after just few treatments my back felt much better and the episodes of sharp pain is gone. Even after working in the yard I don't have pain.
Few weeks ago I woke up, turned my head and the whole room started spinning. My doctor determined that it is verdigo. He could give me medication and I could go to some physical therapy which might help me. I wasn't convinced and seeked different treatment. After just three treatments by Dr. Scott I saw improvement. I'm still getting acupuncture but my dizziness is completely gone. I was told that I will be done soon with the treatments. Thank you Dr. Scott. You are not only good with your needles but also very pleasant to talk to.

Luolomina H.


Trigeminal Neuralgia a/k/a TN, is a debilitating condition that I have had off-and-on for the last 8 years beginning when I was 56. My pain symptoms are shooting electrical like pain through the roof of the left side of my mouth and face to my eye socket which effected my ability to eat, to speak and to maintain regular oral hygiene of my  upper left side teeth (to brush my teeth on my side is excruciating). My initial treatments included heavy narcotics and Rhizotomy surgery on my left cheek area. I was pain free for about one year after the first attack (which lasted about four months with the surgery in month three), but when the pain returned I decided I couldn't take the pain medication and wanted to do the surgery again only as a last resort. My husband researched alternative treatments and suggested I try acupuncture. I did and had great success with relief over the next several years with frequency of attacks about every 18 months.Two years ago my acupuncture professional passed away and I had a tough time finding one that addressed my issues successfully. A friend recommended Dr. Scott Beat as an accomplished practitioner and when my TN returned in December I gave him a call and am glad to say I am now pain free again. It requires about 12 sessions (two per week) to totally get the TN into remission but I will never do any other form of treatment. It WORKS, and there is no terrible feeling of being drugged and chancing drug addiction to strong pain killers. and no complications from surgery on your face like paralysis.

Lana B.


Diagnosis: Frozen Shoulder, Severe

I have been treated with Acupuncture in the past for ailments other than frozen shoulder. After driving from NJ in late December of 2017, my shoulder became nearly immobile. I approached treatment in two ways, 1) seeing an orthopedist, 2) acupuncture. That is when I began coming for treatmens with Dr Beat knowing from past experience that Physical Therapy did not work for this problem and I thought that acupuncture could help. During the first visit I was only able to raise my right arm inches away from my body. I was treating it with 4 Advil a day and heating pads around the clock. I began seeing Dr. Beat twice a week for about a month., then reduced the visits to once per week for another two weeks. After only one visit, my mobility was increased by 50% and my reliance on painkillers to two per day after the second visit. By the fourth and fifth visit I no longer required painkillers or heat treatments. I am an avid swimmer and after three weeks was able to resume swimming on a limited basis. After another couple of treatments I was able to resume my previous swimming routine. It was a most pleasant and successful way to cure a frozen shoulder. 
The orthopedist recommended prescription painkillers which I did not take. as well as physical therapy, which I also did not take.
Bottom line: Acupuncture took care of the pain and gave me back mobility in my shoulder. I am very grateful to Dr. Beat for his knowledge of this alternative treatment. Post script...each visit was so much fun, due to his positive attitude, true belief in the healing power of acupuncture and willingness to listen to his patients. So glad I found him.



Thank God for Scott Beat

Scott Beat, Acupuncture North Florida was originally highly recommended to me by a dear friend with a life threatening condition, with back pain. She had a standing appointment with great results. I took her recommendation and made my appointment. Scott Beat was very friendly, warm and funny, with a great staff. My back pain was gone for two years. Now I am back for neck pain and arm pain which is now also gone. My heartfelt thanks to Scott Beat.

Burt N.


Acupuncture has been the single best thing I have done to improve my quality of life in years. I have been everywhere, taken everything with no results. Scott Beat knows what he is doing, the staff is wonderful, and when you have nothing to lose, you can find much to be gained. I sleep, I walk, and I turn over in bed without pain ... so can you!

Sharon H.


I started off with seeing my family physician for my non-diabetic foot neuropathy problem. He had no idea what to do for me, so he sent me to several "specialists", including a podiatrist, a neurologist, and a physical therapist. None of them helped me and the problem continued to get worse.

My neighor is a veterinarian certified in acupuncture, and she told my wife about how she had treated animals with nerve problems and helped them. My wife was familiar with some of the animals she had treated in the rescue group she works with, and told me that it had worked quite well, and reminded me that animals were unable to reason like humans, so it could not be a placebo affect with them. I fiqured I had nothing to lose by going this route since everything else had failed.

I made and appointment with Dr Beat and felt comfortable with him immediately, so we started my treatment plan right away. I experienced improvement after the first treatment. I had been experiencing severe burning in my feet and after several treatments the burning ceased. I completed a series of 10 treatments and feel my condition improved by 70%. I plan to continue with maintenance treatments, and also started a weight loss treatment plan with Dr. Beat.

Prior to seeing Dr. Beat, the neuropathy was affecting my ability to work and function. I even had to stop exercising. Now I am getting ready to resume a work out regime and can function at my job. I highly recommend Dr. Beat to anyone with any sort of similar problem; I have total faith in him and can testify that acupuncture truly works.

C.J. Sunderman Jr.


After four back operations and a stimulator implant I had very little relief. I got an appointment with Scott Beat. I can't believe the relief I now have from his treatments. I now have only a little pain occasionally. My walking is getting better and better. Scott Beat has done more for me than all the surgeries and rehab I have had in the past six years. I am very grateful to him. I now have a great deal of my life back. With very little pain and aches. At eighty five years old I have no complaints

William F.
I had injured my neck/head while working out and immediately went to my doctor to receive help with the pain. My doctor told me that the problem was migraines and prescribed me medication for the pain. I left annoyed because I had never had migraines and the medication made me feel sick. I suffered for two weeks before I decided to try acupuncture. I found Scott Beat online and scheduled a consultation.


Scott listened to my explanation and agreed that I was not suffering from migraines. I had suspected that I strained a muscle in my neck/head area. I began treatment with Scott and after my first session, I was able to eat for the first time in two weeks. Because of the severe pain I was in, eating made me nauseous. That night I also was able to sleep throughout the night without pain. I do believe that acupuncture helped speed the healing process, allowing me to get back to work.

Christopher W.

Until a few weeks ago I had heard of acupuncture but was not really familiar with what it was. I knew it was supposed to help people in pain by placing needles in specific places but didn't understand how this would help. Then I contracted shingles even after I had had the vaccine. The pain was excruciating and I laid in bed unable to even take care of myself for 7 weeks. I saw 5 doctors and was in the ER twice. I was given every pain medicine imaginable but none of it touched the pain that was a level 9-10 constantly and never let up.


Thankfully we happend to run into on of Scott Beat's former patients that told us he had had shingles and that he was helped by the acupuncture that he provides. I called the next day and started the treatments; within a week I was out of bed and on my feet. Within two weeks I was getting my normal life back even if I was not out of pain, I was able to cope and continue with some of the things that I normally did. It has now been four weeks since I started my treatments and as Scott has told me I will be recovering for several months, but at least the pain is at a manageable point and I have gotten back my life that I had not been able to do before starting acupuncture. It truly is the only thing that will help the shingles and the doctors will not tell you about it. It's very effective and painless. I would not hesitate to use this treatment again should the need arise.





During several months of severe pain in my lower back and legs, having tried anti-inflammatory medications, multiple sessions with a chiropractor and performing physical therapy I continued not able to stand up, walk or sit down.
A friend of mine that years ago had the same the problem and went over a series of sessions with Dr. Beat highly recommended him.
Now after a dozen of acupuncture sessions I am totally recovered and able to perform at my best.
This is my turn to highly recommend Dr Scott R Beat as a professional that not only has the best knowledge to perform the treatment but also keeps the patient informed of the contents of the sessions and provides counseling/advice on how to to avoid recurrence.


Vincent M.
Scott Beat is a very caring, informed, professional that is highly qualified. He has a natural talent for listening to his patients and figuring out what the patient is needing. He is easy-going and makes the patient feel at ease. He is funny and enjoys telling a joke, too.
Scott Beat is one of the very best at the profession of acupuncture! From north to south!
I have not found anyone else at his high level of experience and will only come to him for treatment. He helps me every time.




I came to Dr. Beat because of numbness in my shoulder and left arm. I couldn't hold a cup of coffee or my golf clubs. The orthopedic surgeon suggested surgery to remove spurs.  My wife made me an appointment with Dr. Beat and after four treatments I have never had a problem since.


Alex C.


I have received acupuncture from numerous practitioners in various places around the world. Some use a lot of needles while others use a few. The best results I have ever had were from Dr. Scott Beat. He is very knowledgeable and shares information about the treatment he is administering. Dr. Beat also uses fewer needles and I get excellent results.


Laretta K


You do not want shingles. The commercial on television is accurate. It causes excruciating pain. Get the vaccine. If you do come down with shingles, hopefully you will not also suffer from the post herpetic neuralgia, which is a complication of shingles.
I came down with the shingles in May. The shingles subsided in about a month but I ended up with neuralgia. After 4-1/2 months of taking increasing dosages of a nerve blocker recommended by my neurologist for the neuralgia, I became very frustrated and on some days even depressed.
My neighbor recommended Dr. Scott Beat. I had never been to an acupuncturist. When I first saw Dr. Beat, I couldn't, among many other symptoms, sit for a long period of time - and by long, I mean 10 minutes (it was painful). After several sessions with Dr. Beat, I am about 80% better. I believe that if I had seen Dr. Beat when I had shingles, I probably would not have had the neuralgia; or at least if I had seen him in the early stages of the neuralgia, I would be just about 100% free of the neuralgia.
Dr Beat is a professional and caring acupuncturist. I highly recommend that people seek his help earlier rather than later in their treatment.

Pauline J.

Scott Beat helped me tremendously. I was getting unbelievable throbbing pain in my wrist and after only 3 treatments the pain was gone. I highly recommend him as I have been coming here for 8 years.
Mike K.

I injured my back 10+ years ago. Since then I have been through several treatment plans including: physical therapy, ESI injections, TENS unit, implanted nerve stimulator, narcotic pain meds and 3 back surgeries (neurosurgeon).
Through Dr. Scott Beat's acupuncture plus my own daily stretching, I am getting better results than 10 years worth of treatments above.
Acupuncture has helped me tremendously!!
Kevin R.

I was not new to acupuncture when I started going to Dr. Scott Beat's practice. I was suffering from some lingering physical and emotional issues that would not go away. After a series of weekly treatments, all my ailments have vanished. At the initial interview Dr. Beat explained to me what acupuncture could take care of and what it could not. So far, my expectations have been met.



I started seeing Dr. Scott Beat at his acupuncture office years ago, after I had fallen on a landscape timber while gardening one day. The pain in my hip was agonizing. I went to see my medical doctor who could do nothing for me other than taking pain medication. I was desperate for some relief, so I went to Dr. Scott Beat's acupuncture office. I was skeptical at first, but with several weekly treatments, the pain lessened, and eventually went away altogether. I have continued treatment with Dr. Beat for arthritis in other areas, and am very happy with the results.

I have been coming to Dr Beat's past 3 years trying to keep my migraines at bay. I have noticed a decrease in occurrence and intensity. When I come to my appointment he will ask about the headaches and sometimes I forget when the last one happened. Only wish my insurance would cover, so I could come more often.
Debbie B.

I was diagnosed with carpol tunnel syndrome in 2011. My Dr. diagnosed this condition by a test called a nerve conduction study. I felt numbness and tingling in my hands, especially in the right, and frequent pain. My Dr. recommended a specialist orthopedic. I was in therapy and took strong anti-inflammatory medications for several weeks and not reduced my pain. After this time, the Dr orthopedic advised a cortisone injection into the carpal tunnel after the surgery. I didn't accept his advice and I decided to try the needles - "Acupuncture."
Today, I don't have any pain in my hands. All I can say is that the needles definitely helped me. I've been a patient of Dr. Beat for many years. He and his staff are very professional and friendly too. Actually, I go to the Dr Beat's office every two weeks for my back pain. I recommend the great treatment.

I had back and leg pain for sometime. Going to Dr. Scott Beat and receiving acupuncture treatments has alleviated my pain. Now I can sit and walk comfortably.
Betty D.

I highly recommend the acupuncture services of Dr. Scott R. Beat, AP. I tried physical therapy, injections, radio frequency and pain medication for my bulging disc back pain without success. Finally, with Dr. Beat's acupuncture treatments I am getting relief for my back pain.
He also treated the arthritis in my knees and they are pain free now.
Ric E.

I have been a client of Scott Beat for 10 years. I have been extremely satisfied with his professionalism & treatments. He has helped me to maintain a pain free lifestyle.
Gladys S.

After years of back and leg pain from sciatica, 2 weeks of treatment by Scott and I am 90% pain free. No more surgery or pain killers. What is not to like!
Neil C.

I'm a firm believer in acupuncture therapy. Over a year ago I came to Scott Beat because my left achilles tendon was killing me and keeping me from doing the sports activities I once enjoyed. After 8 sessions of acupuncture my tendon was healed and I have enjoyed freedom from swelling and pain ever since. A few months ago I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. My doctor has been treating me with several drugs but I returned to Dr. Beat for acupuncture therapy and after 8 sessions I believe he is helping me heal the most. Accupuncture has no negative side effects like all the drugs have. I will continue to trust Scott with my recovery. Thanks Scott, I'll see you next week.


Scott has been very good in removing the persistent pains and with no reoccurrence. He and his office personnel have been friendly and knowledgeable in the acupuncture treatments. My wife and I wholeheartedly recommend Scott to help relieve unpleasant pains.
George K.

Dr. Beat has been treating me for many months. When I started the treatment Dr. Beat commented that my issues would clear up. After the treatments started my issues are much less and they continue to get better. I am 70+ male with frequent urination problems. These problems are much better.
Ron P.

Dr. Beat has treated me and helped me overcome many illnesses. I've had cardiac surgery and numerous ailments connected with circulation. I feel with his expertise he helped me keep my way of life steady and productive. I definitely believe Dr. Beat helped me in many ways.
Robert D.

After several years of tension pain in my neck & shoulders, I started having acupuncture treatment from Scott Beat. His patience and work knowledge helped me along. Now my pains are less & less severe. I am now on his maintenance program. Able to sleep much better and all through the night. Scott's knowledge and mannerism, not to mention his office etiquette is really something.
Linden M.


Before seeing Scott Beat, I had several issues that medical physicians had not been able to help. After seeing him, all of my problems are dramatically improved. He's treated my jaw pain with just a few sessions & I no longer have any pain in my T.M.J. I've also had him treat my stomach after having problems with for months and after several sessions of acupuncture it's doing great. I've had treatments of various ares of my body & am now feeling good. Dr. Beat is professional, caring and friendly and I've recommended him to many people.
Penni K.

I am a 71 year old female and I when I first met Dr. Scott Beat (at one of his seminars) I was suffering greatly from Lupus (SLE), such as joint & muscle pain, & digestion problems. The first week of treatment I didn't see much difference & was beginning to get discouraged, but on the second week, I suddenly felt so much better; especially the nerve pain in my mouth (which is called suicide disease), it was a miracle. I am now going once every three weeks & hope to require less frequent visits in the future. I have so much more energy & feel so much better. My husband is also very impressed with the improvement in my health.
Teddie C.

 Scott Beat has helped me a great deal to alleviate my pain. He has patience, understanding and a sense of humor. As he says "Laugh". So I recommend Scott Beat to anyone that wants a competent and caring physician.
Laura T.


 Dr Beat has helped me in many ways. First he helped me with my Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Hemorrhoids. Also, I have learned how to relax while being treated and have been able to carry this over to my day-to-day life. He has shown me techniques to help relieve my I.B.S. distress.
Ann L


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